#viddelanyat campaign

Caring does good for them and for you!

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The brief

2017 proved to be a particularly exciting time in the life of hohes C, because the product range was entirely renewed and redesigned: product packaging underwent a thorough overhaul and the brand introduced a range of 0,25L on the go juice boxes. Besides all the changes in appearance, the new PLUS+ Iron Apple-pomegranate-raspberry flavour was also introduced to the market.

Everyday care and healthy, active lifestyle have been present in the brand’s communication over the last few years, so the 2017 campaign idea created by BOLD was also related to this insight. It’s scientifically proven, that love, and care are not only good for those on the receiving end, but also positively affect those who give it. Care results in positive physical and mental effects such as vitamins in hohes C fruit juices.

Our agency was happy to tailor and adapt this campaign concept to the brand’s digital platforms.

The solution


We relaunched the brand’s website. This platform was used to show the product range and served as a hub for the #viddelanyat movement. We focused on educative content (expert opinion, authentic information and PR articles) and user involvement (constantly updated program offerings), supported by high quality UGCs. Content generated during the campaign was aggregated on the website in the embedded Instagram feed.

Social Media

We launched the brand’s official Hungarian Facebook and Instagram pages. Just like with all of our brands, we put a great emphasis on creating unique, eye-catching visual content. During the implementation of the campaign, we paid attention to consistent visual appearance. In the visual implementation, health, a scientifically based fact, met care, a long standing brand value. To stay unified, we designed a branded footer for visuals integrating #viddelanyat and other related hashtags. While content created by users and influencers were also shared on the brand’s platforms.


To strengthen the social media presence of hohes C a sweepstake was organized on the brand’s Instagram page. In the first-round users had to post a selfie with their moms using the #viddelanyat hashtag – as reward they could win exciting experiences daily in the form of tickets. The main prize was an exclusive mother-daughter Experience Day including a cruise on the Danube, a picnic, a city tour and a dinner together.


Our goal was to convey the campaign concept through our digital communication. So, we positioned hohes C as the expert of care. The digital strategy managed to establish the social media presence of the brand with great success. As a result many fans joined the #viddelanyat movement and the brand gained quality UGCs.