Herz Sandwich Book

Mouthwatering product benefits

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The brief

Herz launched its health conscious product family including non-GMO hams and salamis without E numbers. Our agency was entrusted with recreating the success of last year’s Sandwich Chef campaign in a brand new way to support the product launch.

The solution

Last year’s Sandwich Chef activation performed extraordinarily so we kept the very best elements of the campaign and spiced them up with fresh new ideas.

Just like last time, we decided to cooperate with food bloggers in order to present Herz products in the most authentic way as possible.

Our three Sandwich Chefs, Főzelékes Feri, Iklódi Dóri (Wonder Food Wonder) and Winkler Ági (Minimaltemptations) created a total of 30 new Herz sandwich receipts.

The recipes were then compiled into a cook book, the Herz Sandwich Compendium, and published in print for the first time ever in the brand’s history. The receipts were created by the sandwich chefs, the visual layout was designed fully by our agency.

It’s our philosophy to always to always be on top of the latest trends and seek inspiration, so we did just that with Herz. Exciting, new wave gourmet ideas and health conscious nutrition became the focus as these topics are gaining traction with a broader segment of the population.

Our goal was to produce a cook book that demonstrates the product benefits in a trendy, mouth watering way while also being a practical guide that accompanies consumers through their culinary journey.

This insight is reflected in the way we carefully tailored our list of recipes. We aimed to address all consumer needs and concerns, so the recipes were split into 5 categories based on allergens: lactose free, gluten free, carbohydrate-reduced creations, and sandwiches with high fiber and high protein content.

Each sandwich is made from only healthy ingridients including Herz hams and salamis.

The Herz Sandwich Compendium was printed, and subsequently published in 2000 copies, 80 pages each.

Following last year’s practice we picked 20 of the most exciting recipes and turned them into short videos, guiding viewers through each step of the preparation process.

The mouth watering end results were published on the brand’s website and social media platforms.