American Tourister Bon Air Campaign

Let's talk about fascinating brand attributes!

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The brief

In Spring 2017, American Tourister got the green light to launch it’s localized, Hungarian Facebook page. Doupla come on board to help kickstart the page and introduce a new product range to the local market – Bon Air.


  • To build awareness for American Tourister’s product portfolio among the target demographic
  • To localize the central message: „When life calls, be ready!
  • To build brand image, supported by strong social media presence
  • To boost sales with Facebook Ads

The solution

Everybody loves to travel, but reading about brand attributes, maybe not so much! We managed to educate our target audience about brand and product benefits in the most appealing and entertaining way.


  • Main platform: the brand's Facebook page with #meandmyAT
  • Eye candy visual appearance in social media
  • Cool influencers
  • High quality UGC
  • PR appearences in glossy online magazines
  • Live competition

Let's see step by step!

1. Launching a product line

Besides starting the social media site, we introduced influencers on Instagram to promote Bon Air products and deliver the brand’s message to their followers. We managed to highlight positive brand attributes using innovative Facebook tools and formats as well as through a national PR campaign all the while sticking to the campaign’s key visuals.

American Tourister Bon Air conveys a lifestyle message to it’s audience, therefor our task was to connect these messages with product benefits and communicate them in the most fascinating way!

Brand messages

  • Live freely!
  • Explore!
  • Always look at the bright side of life!
  • Stay curious and don’t be afraid to try new things!
  • Challenge yourself every day!
  • Go on adventures!
  • Travel smart and comfortable!

Product benefits

  • Light and durable
  • Rolls around on wheels that turn 360 degrees
  • Modular & available in 3 sizes
  • A colourful companion
  • Accommodates a large amount of stuff
  • Water resistant
  • Great price/value ratio

Brand benefits, served colorful

We crafted a content calendar based on product benefits gleaned from the client brief and our own insight. Every piece of content strived to educate our Facebook audience in a playful manner. We combined Facebook traffic campaigns, offer ads and the benefits of post boost in order to achieve the most effective and interactive result.

2. PR campaign in the coolest glossy magazines

Supporting our social media campaign, we utilized product placement ads in popular publications. Joy magazine shared all articles on their social media channels as well, using #meandmyAT #utazunk #mutiholvagy hashtags.

3. Expanding PR presence, working with Influencers

As American Tourister does not have a local Instagram account, we reached out to some of the biggest, most authentic local influencers on the platform and made them brand ambassadors to help us get the campaign message across.

Smize Divat, Festy in Style, Utazómajom, Hedvig Karakas and Verrasztó siblings Evelyn and Dávid all collaborated with us to help popularize the brand, in action, -at its element -while traveling. Each piece of branded content was accompanied by a personal note, a travelogue and coupon codes. These codes could be exchanged for discounts in the American Tourister webshop. On several occasions, posts were connected to a Facebook competition that offered valuable AT prizes to followers.

4. Budapest Race: meeting the followers in person!

During the first month of the campaign we invited our Facebook followers to join us in a live a challenge. Geo Tracking style tasks were given to guide them through various, exciting locations in order to find traces that eventually led them to American Tourister Budapest Store, where they got a Bon Air luggage of their choice. Goal: To raise brand awareness / introduce product benefits / boost sales.


  • We gained 1550 new followers within 3 months without Facebook like ads
  • Facebook page reach exceeded 1 699 900
  • During the June-August 2017 campaign period, the American Tourister websop traffic doubled, compared to the previous year