Top 5 gifs to „accidentally” send to your client

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...After the 27th version is rejected

We all know the feeling when things get out of control and a small task turns out to be a never ending drama with 27 acts. There are some very specific, yet commonly known comments that should be replied to with the following gifs to smooth out communication between agency and client.

1.) When there are two main concepts and the clients want you to mix them and create a 3rd one, you better count until 3 Mississippies.

2.) When the client prints out the KV, writes her/his comments on it in pencil, scans the document and sends it back to you… Well, there are no words for that.

3.) When the client accidentally comments on the previous version instead of the latest one, requesting the same modifictaions that they’d already asked for a few days prior. You slowly reach for a brown bag.

4.) When the client happily explains that they had just conducted an ad-hoc a mini-research in the office and asked everybody’s take on the visuals.

5.) When the clients says „I am not an expert, you must know it better, BUT…”

+1 When things get finally approved and you can close the project

Peace out.

Author: Nóra Ormoshegyi