The power of consistency in visual content creation

# branding# consistency

What’s the answer if I ask myself what I want as an audience of a brand? What do I want as a customer? The same thing comes to mind... I want consistency.

When we talk about consistency as a common term, it can often lead to a feel of boredom or monotony, however, if we talk about consistency in the field of visual content creation, that's a whole different story.

There is a wide variety of content out there but quite often that is not necessarily a good thing, as you’re more likely to reach a certain level of visual inconsistency within a brand. User generated content can be a good strategy for a brand but it's a turn off for the eye when you are used to a certain standard. The aim should always be to try and reach the same level of visual quality within the framework of brand guidelines as well as targeted audience.

There is nothing more satisfying than scrolling through a brand in social media and see great consistent visual quality. That tells me two things about the brand - they are reliable and flawless - which should be the aim of pretty much every single brand out there.

We should always remind ourselves that social media is a great visual mural for brands where we can take a step back and see how all of the created visuals belong together.

Author: Teresa Correira