Not your average article about real-time marketing

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Is it another boring article about real time marketing? Ahh.. it’s so last year. Is it? We believe that real time marketing has never been more REAL than in 2017, especially in Hungary.

We all know Oreo's great example, but that happened in the US, during Superbowl, on Twitter – so during an event, on a platform that are not relevant in our country. No doubt, it was genius, but how one can make an actual real-time marketing campaign by adopting this great concept to the Hungarian market?

Thanks to the amusing „war” between Facebook and Snapchat real-time marketing has been militarized with super-weapons like Facebook Live Video, Facebook 360, Instagram Live, Instagram Story.... By using these smart tools, you can raise attention much easier, as all(!) followers/fans receive notifications (most of the cases) helping you achieve higher reach. Not to mention the general „sneak peek VIP feeling” that comes along with this type of content – it’s priceless when you let users enjoy an exclusive pre-premiere experience.

We adapted the „Oreo-recipe” first in 2016 with Zwack Unicum during the UEFA Euro 2016, and we must admit, the result was pretty tasty. We chose the leading online newsportal’s ( live sport column (percről percre) as the platform of communication, where we broadcasted the 3 Hungarian grup stage matches using funny gifs/photos of Unicum bottles. You can check the results in this video:

Since Facebook launched its Live tools we have been trying to create content by these options as well. We checked in from the most popular festivals of Hungary bringing the party online, we broadcasted exclusive mixer competitions and press conferences and we used Unicum influencers to show what’s happening behind the scenes. We reached more than 300.000 users and gained 5.900 reactions.

By using these inventions of social media for quality storytelling, we managed to keep the brand as up-to-date as possible, connect offline activities with the digital world and make followers be part of something they couldn’t be physically. According to DOUPLA THIS is real time marketing.

Author: Nora Ormoshegyi