No room for foosball?

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No room for foosball? Here are 3 different entertainment options for your office!

Any trendy, progressive ad agency worth their money has a foosball table nowadays so their workforce can go for a quick match between two brainstorming sessions and take a break to reboot.

What to do if you just can’t find the room to comfortably fit a foosball table in your office? You’ll probably have no better luck with table tennis or a pool table, that’s for sure. Time to look for alternatives! The following 3 entertainment options take up less space than foosball, but have the same effect – lets you blow off some steam, entertain the employees and encourage friendly competition in the office.

Arcade machines

These machines take up exactly half the space that foosball would require. Get playing, compete and shoot for the high score! Mortal Kombat, Space Invaders, Pac-Man? You decide!

There are some drawbacks though: no multiplayer option, so you’ll have to take turns. That, and these machines are usually pricey unless you catch a deal.

Console games

Got a couch and TV in the office? The easiest entertainment option is probably to go for a console! Game selection is up to your taste – you can even base it on current projects. You can set up a monthly rotation of games or just let the employee of the month pick one. Just make sure your gamer colleagues aren’t staying in the office gaming till midnight every day.


Cheap and saves space, it’s great, right? And also the most dangerous option. Unless you want to end u pin the ER or lose the deposit, stick to a digital board. This way your colleagues won’t have to go the pen and paper route to keep score.

Author: Roni Frankó