How to Protect Your Lunch?

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There is a food thieving employee in every office. They’re interesting creatures. Usual characeristics: eats anything and everything, never gets caught, not easily deterred. Or are they?


Rookie move. A real fridge raider will never care whether you have your name on your lunch box or leave a threatening message on it. You need something extra firepower. Make it a tear jerker. Or make it funny. Better yet, it could start out a heart felt message and end on a joke.

Disgusting lunch

You can deter the thief from ever toucing your food if you only bring undesireable lunch items to work for 2-3 weeks straight. It’s important that you always bring your lunch in the same box, so that the office raccoon starts to associate your container with with unpleasant smell and weird looking food. But it requires dedication and rotten eggs, maybe a hint of surstrommig with a dash of innards.

The scandalous one

Spread rumors about yourself that would make peole reconsider ever touching your food. For example, that you have a mouth infection or your dog takes a bite out of your lunch every morning before you pack it. Just don’t be surprised when nobody wants to make out with you at the Christmas party!


If you love spicy food, you have a chance at escaping the attention of the lunch devourer. All it takes is the thief mistakenly tasting your lunch a couple times. The only problem with this approach is that you can’t make sweets spicy. Or can you?

Catch ’em!

And no, we don’t mean laxatives! That would just be mean. But who can resist a good poppy seed bread? Just crack a joke at the crime scene and watch out for poppy seeds stuck between their teeth as they laugh! Caught the perp? Don’t out the thief to your colleagues! Exchange your silence for a lifetime’s worth of „I’m sorry I’ll never touch your lunch again”.

Author: Roni Franko