How to do Facebook not-so-Live

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Facebook Live was, among other things, an answer to the surging popularity of live streaming platforms. Nowadays it’s a sharp tool in your digital arsenal to create authentic content that feels real to your fans and helps you engage them real-time. The drawback of having to do things live is that not all content types are suitable and you’re likely to lose some of that polished feel and flawless production quality.

When it comes to teaser content, trailers, behind the scenes footage, sneak peeks or a big reveal, you may just want the engagement and live discussion without the usual constraints that come with the format. Streaming pre-recorded videos would be a logical answer, but there is no built-in option for that.

Fortunately there is a simple solution that lets you add this option to your arsenal. You need to use a third party software for this. While there are many options for this, paid and free alike, we’ll just demonstrate the method on OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) which is one of the most common ones used.

Download OBS and open the program. Switch to Facebook, click Publishing Tools, then select Video Library from the sidebar. Click the +Live button in the upper right corner of the Library screen. A window pops up, check the lower half for the Stream Key field. Copy the contents and click Next. Now switch over to OBS and click Settings, then select the Stream menu from the sidebar. Select Facebook Live from the dropdown menu, then paste the stream key to the required field. Save the changes, then close the window and return to the OBS main panel. Click the + icon on the bottom of the screen under Sources, then selects Media Source. Check the box to create a new media source, click OK. OBS will take you to a new screen and allow you to add a Local File to your new media source. Hit Browse, then select your pre-recorded video.

Once all this is done, and OBS loads your video, just hit the Start Stream button in the lower right. When you switch back to facebook, you’ll notice that a preview of your video is playing. Congrats, you successfully hooked up your pre-recorded video to Facebook Live through OBS, You can now go live!

Author: Gergely Toth