Home Office Easier?

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Companies with 100+ employees have no choice but to move into an office building (or build one), while smaller firms have two options: follow suit and rent an office space or rent a flat and convert it into one. Both come with their distinct set of advantages and disadvantages. If you decide on going for a flat, here are 5 things you should consider before renting it.

Location, location, location

Employees prefer a location with good transit options. You don’t have to move to the city center but it should be at the intersection of major public transport lines. It’s even more important if your company is the one to host most client meetings.

Excellent layout

We don’t just mean that you should consider the number of rooms and how many of you are going to work in the same room, but also pay attention to details like where you can access each room from, where the kitchen is and whether rooms open into each other. The bigger the company, the more things you have to think through before you sign the papers.


Perhaps you wouldn’t think so, but it’s importannt that find out more about your future neighbors. You’d think that an office would be the dream neighbor of all residents, as you’re only around during workdays and also aren’t noisy, right? Well, an afternoon brainstorming session with 10 people all laughing at jokes and talking over each other is not exactly quiet. Conversely, an avid woodworker downstair neighbor won’t help creative ideas come sooner, that’s for sure. it’s also unfortunate when a client arrives just at the right time to hear your neighbors arguing.

Kitchen and bathroom

It’s best if these are separate and as far from the „office rooms” as possible. The bathroom may not need an explanation. While you will never hear anyone answer nature’s call in an office building, it may not be the case with a flat as bathrooms are usually really close to the rest of the rooms. If you havemore than 10 people it’s also advised to consider a flat with two bathrooms.

Think ahead!

If you’re looking to convert a flat, never rent one based on your current needs. Always think ahead and look for a place that could comfortably fit 3-4 more. It’s better to have too much space in the beginning than having to prematurely terminate a lease because you’re too cramped!

Author: Roni Franko