Facebook Poll – Yes or No?

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Things got mixed up in November: Instagram did not „steal” an idea from Snapchat, but Facebook borrowed the Instagram Story poll feature for its own app.

Actually, the feature is not so new: Facebook poll was available for business pages before, but then Zuckerberg’s team decided to keep it just for groups and events in its orginial form. Due to the massive success of Instagram’s Story Poll option, a new and improved version was rolled out on Facebook.

The good news is that you can add photos or gifs to your options, the bad news is that you can only have 2 options per question, an endless source of frustration for free-spirited admins.

Important to note that the polls are not anonymous, so if you vote in a poll, the creators and anyone else who votes will be able to view your answers, just like with Instagram’s Story polls. So beware, Skynet is watching you!

All in all, we are happy to welcome back the Facebook Poll feature. It’s sure to be a hit with younger audiences, as it’s a fun way to interact, however it would be great to have room for tailor-made solutions.

Author: Nora Ormoshegyi