5 tips to hack the new Facebook algorithm

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As you probably know, there has been a great disturbance in the Force: Facebook has changed its newsfeed algorithm.

Whilst publishers, advertisers, brand managers talk about mass-destruction, the end of Facebook communication, the supreme leader claims it’s nothing more but a fix to all the bad things on the platform.

The Empire strikes back. No doubts about that. But instead of panic, we suggest to take a deep breath and start experimenting what works for your brand and how you can change your communication to match the new guidelines without harming your brand equity.

Here are a few tips for all the rebel scum who want to make sense of the new algorithm:

1) Be up-to-date, react to news fast and relevant

Posts dealing with fresh, breaking topics will be prioritized. It’s important to note that the brand message should be in sync with the event and spark debate and meaningful reactions.

2) Generate and encourage conversation between followers

Comments are more valuable than likes, especially long ones, as this is the KPI of Facebook’s „bringing people closer together” concept. Also, the conversations should happen between your fans instead of between fans and your page.

3) Live videos

Watching a Facebook video is a passive experience, however Facebook Live videos generate more interaction and often spark discussions. Therefore, the new algorithm will prefer engaging Live Videos. Use them in a creative way, use them wisely!

4) Avoid engagement bait

Begging for likes/comments/shares is not cool. No matter how you do it, Facebook will demote these posts in News Feed.

5) Master ads

As space for ads on Facebook is limited, organic reach will decrease, but there are more and more advertisers on Facebook, you should definitely master your ads to drive traffic at the lowest cost.

All in all, the new Facebook News Feed is more like the Millenium Falcon than the Death Star. If you know its tricks, it’s the best hunk of junk in the galaxy! Take your time, learn how to deal with the new conditions, make „special modifications” and tailor it to your brand. May the Force be with you!

Authors: Anna Habik & Nora Ormoshegyi