5 Simple Steps for a Greener Office

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Nowadays it’s standard practice in most offices to selectively collect and recycle waste. It’s a great start, but with only a couple of simple changes you can turn your office into an even greener workplace!

Use less paper

Though most company e-mails have the „Before printing, think about ENVIRONMENTAL responsibility.” bit at the end, is this really enough? On one hand, e-mails are rarely ever printed nowadays, while printing on both sides of a sheet of paper, on the other hand, is a practice all companies should strive to adopt. Contracts, info sheets, everything! If it’s something you have yet to put in practice, then think about this – you could practically halve your annual paper use!

Feel at home

You try to not waste water, electricity and heat not only because it’s the economically sensible thing to do, but also because it puts unnecessary strain on the environment. We know you’re not the one footing the utility bills, but you still don’t have to set the heat to 25 degrees in the winter or blast the air conditioner all day through summer. Try not to waste water and turn off your computer when you’re done for the day!

Say no to chemicals

If you get the chance, try and stick to environmentally friendly cleaning products. Use it for dishwashing and get plant based soap for the bathroom.

Walk, bike, travel together

Not everyone has the chance to use the greenest transportation methods. Of course it’s best if you walk to work or go by bike all year around. Public transit is also a relatively greener option. If multiple employees commute by car, try to sync your schedule and share a car with your colleagues.

Water YES, plastic bottles NOT SO MUCH

It’s fine when an employer supplies the work force with mineral water, but it should also never be bottled water. Mother nature prefers a water filter or a water dispenser. In addition to being the greener solution, both options are also cheaper than buying bottled water. Keep some water in redeemable glass bottles for guests, they look better than plastic bottles anyways.

Author: Roni Franko