5 Essential Office Decoration Tips

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The office is practically your second home, especially when you work for an ad agency where you have to work until 8 or 10 PM on occasion. So it’s important that your work environment is comfortable and cozy. Though you can’t rearrange all the furniture or change the color of the wall, you can make all-nighters bearable with a few simple quality of life improvements.


The most important one! This can often make the difference between an uninspiring office space and a home! Sure, there are the usual office plants like an aspidistra or a yucca, but you should dream bigger and go for something a little more special. If all employees bring just one plant, the office instantly looks friendlier.

Prints – from your resident artists

You can make yourself feel at home by plastering the office with past campaign creatives, but hanging some original artwork could make the space feel even more colorful and unique. And who else to source the artwork from, than employees? Every art director has a hidden stash of unused art on their hard drive. Print it, frame it, hang it and even your creatives will stop by to check them out.

Pillows, blankets

Having a comfortable couch in the office is already half the battle. Very few people, however, stop to think about how much the comfort factor can be improved by adding some pillows and a blanket. Careful though, as it’s sure to become everyone’s favorite napping spot!

Fish tank

This one is a bigger responsibility, but if you’ve ever owned a fish tank then you know that maintaining one isn’t actually a difficult task. Looking at fishes also helps reduce stress to boot. Just be reminded that you’ll also have to feed them!


A whiteboard covered in scribbled notes can instantly ruin a room. Whenever you plan to leave something on the board for a longer time and leave it for everybody to see, remember to flex your calligraphy muscles. You can also use colored strings or tape to categorize and connect your ideas for style points.

Author: Roni Franko